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From concept to project design, and from implementation to evaluation
Our Services

Our Services

Transaction Advisory Services

ES Safeguards understands that every Merger & Acquisition deal presents a unique set of environmental, health & safety, and sustainability risks and liabilities… Read More

Impact Assessment and Planning Services

Our Impact Assessment and Planning Services are aimed at helping to deliver sustainable projects by managing environmental, social and health impacts. Read More

Project Preparation and Engineering Services

Aim of our PPE is helping clients to plan, design and implement infrastructure and industrial facilities. Read More

Sustainability and Climate Change

Aimed at supporting the development and implementation of sustainability strategies, programs and tools. Our sustainability services are based on this…Read More

Risk Management

Quantifying and managing the safety risks associated with hazardous installations and processes, with the objective of protecting people, assets and the environment. Read More

Environmental Quality Assessment

We are helping clients to understand and manage the effects of their operations on the atmospheric environment and providing regulatory support to ensure long term… Read More

Monitoring and Evaluation

ES Safeguards provides technical assistance to clients and partners to strengthen programs through state of the art M&E techniques. We also provide consulting services… Read More