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Environmental Quality Assessment

From concept to project design, and from implementation to evaluation
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Environmental Quality Assessment

We are helping clients to understand and manage the effects of their operations on the atmospheric environment and providing regulatory support to ensure long term, successful compliance.

Our air quality, water quality and noise services range from providing strategic regulatory and policy advice and litigation support to conducting emissions inventories and preparing complex air quality, water quality and noise impact assessments.

ES Safeguards’ Environmental Quality Assessment Service capabilities include:

  • Air quality, water quality and noise assessments
  • Ambient air quality impact assessments and monitoring
  • Water quality assessments and monitoring
  • Atmospheric dispersion and modeling
  • Water quality dispersion modeling
  • Air, water and noise baseline studies
  • Emission inventories and noise assessments
  • Emission measurements and CEM systems
  • Facility siting and licensing
  • Greenhouse gas and carbon footprinting
  • Hazardous air pollutant (HAP) compliance
  • Noise and vibration modeling and mapping
  • Noise planning/policy development
  • Noise and vibration prediction and monitoring
  • Stack and continuous emissions measurement