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Our Projects

Our Projects

Credential of ES Safeguards lies in its strong and dedicated professionals which include sheer number of projects that our specialists have managed in last ten years. Sample of our projects include following typical assignment:

  • Project preparatory technical assistance
  • Preparation of master plan and facility concepts,
  • Feasibility and Detailed Design Studies,
  • Studies on Review and Analysis of Sector, Policy and Regulatory Frameworks,
  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Studies
  • Development of Environmental Management Plans
  • Preparation of Resettlement Plans
  • Environmental and Social Monitoring Reports
  • Pre-investment Environmental and Social Due Diligence Studies
  • Environmental and Social Audits
  • Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Studies,
  • Risk Analysis
  • Emission Inventories and monitoring of Air Quality, Water Quality and Noise Levels,
  • Climate Change and Vulnerability Assessment Studies,
  • Assessment of GHG Emission Reduction Potential and Development of Clean Mechanism Development (CDM) Projects,
  • Institutional Assessment and Capacity Building Projects.

We have undertaken these projects for sectors such as Urban and Rural Development, Energy, Transport, Water and Natural Resources Development, and Industrial Development.