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Impact Assessment and Planning Services

From concept to project design, and from implementation to evaluation
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Impact Assessment and Planning Services

Our Impact Assessment and Planning Services are aimed at helping to deliver sustainable projects by managing environmental, social and health impacts.

Our goal is always the same: assisting our clients to get their projects planned, built and operated on schedule, while meeting their own expectations for management of impacts on the local population and environmental, social and cultural resources. By helping clients bring these issues into the project planning process early we achieve environmental objectives; enable savings in capital and operating costs; and avoid significant approval and other delays.

ES Safeguards’ Impact Assessment and Planning Service capabilities include:

  • Screening and scoping studies
  • Environmental, health and socio-economic impact assessments
  • Environmental, social and health management and action plans
  • Biodiversity assessments, monitoring, and management plans
  • Resettlement planning and implementation support
  • Land use planning, master plans, and landscape architecture
  • Permitting requirements analyses and support
  • Public consultation and stakeholder engagement
  • Supervision and monitoring services on EHS aspects